Plastic Age November Issue Application examples and results for the mold management cloud service and QR plate for mold identification features

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) have been examining legislation regarding the issue of mold disposal, as a “bullying of SME” with a view to “not paying the mold storage fee and preventing mold disposal.”

“In the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper on October 18, the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry finally issued guidelines for setting the mold management rules.

  1. Lump-sum payment of mold
  2. The main measures are two points that are paid by the mold storage fee ordering side. The standard is 15 years for automobiles with mold storage period after the end of mass production, 10-15 years for industrial machinery, and 3 years for electric, electronic and precision.”

However, both the ordering party who pays the storage fee and the parts supplier on the order receiving side have poor “mold management”. Since there is no registration and no payment list, it became a big problem for both sides. This paper also introduces the management system and the “mold storage (custody) service” that starts in November. Please refer to it.

Plastic Age November Issue