M2M Related Products

1. FUTABA Marshalling system/Mold sensors (Integration with ΣM [Gunshi])

Injection molding compact M2M system using Futaba Mold Sensors and KMC’s Σ Gunshi

Real-time 1-shot monitoring of molding conditions and thresholds management with KMC’s Σ Gunshi

Futaba Mold Marshalling System and KMC’s Σ Gunshi e : Monitoring molding data

We are selling the above Injection Molding (INJ-Package) system together with our very own ΣM (ΣGunshi) and Futaba’s Mold Marshalling System.

2. En Industries Co. Ltd. Press Sensors(Integration with ΣM [Gunshi])

En Industries’ Piezo sensor and KMC’s Σ Gunshi e system

Mini Piezo Sensor

We are selling the above Press (PRS-Package) system together with our very own ΣM(ΣGunshi) and En Industries’ Press Sensors

Individual Recognition Tagging Products

1. Metal RFID(Integration with KMC’s Inventory APP)

A design of KMC’s Inventory APP structure

Metal RFID product lineup

※ Communication distance is at value 915 to 925 MHz by our measuring instrument, it is not a guaranteed value.

※ Custom parts such as shapes and tuning other than the above types are also available, but additional costs will be required.

RFID reader

RFID writer

We will be selling the above RFID tags, readers etc. together with KMC’s own inventory APP.

Measuring Instruments

1. Mitutoyo Measuring Equipment(Integration with KMC’s M-Karte Inspection APP)


Automatic Transmission

Direct input into the Inspection APP table

Creation of Inspection Table

M-Karte’s Inspection APP database

We are selling all types of Mitutoyo measuring instruments and our very own M-Karte system

Inspection・Measurement・Mold Related Products

1. Japan Tool & Die Co. Ltd.

KMCS will be selling Japan Tool & Die Co. Ltd. Mold-Related Products as a distributor.

IoT Related Products

1. PC/Tablets/Monitors etc.(Integration with KMC’s M-Karte)

2. IT Services(System Consultation, System Distributor, System Set-up etc.)

We are selling PC/tablets/other IT related products and services. Please feel free to contact us

Company Profile

Company NameKMC Inc.(Head Office
President and CEODr. Seiki Sato
Foundation2010 February 24th
Capital27 million yen
AddressKSP East 606, 3-2-1 Sakado, Takatsu-ku,
Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 213-0012 Japan
Business profileConsulting, Research and
Development,Software Development

Company Profile

Company NameKMC Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia Branch)
President and CEODr. Seiki Sato
DirectorMr. Sim Keng Lee
Foundation2017 August 25th
CapitalMYR 400,000
AddressNo. 12-1, Jalan Kejora 2A, Taman Perindustrian 
Tanjong Minyak Perdana,75260 Melaka, Malaysia
Business profileIoT/M2M Sales, IT Solutions