Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper 7th August, En Industries and KMC announce technology/sales cooperation and press AI sensor

New product “Press slide integrated high sensitivity, high durability sensor, and predictive prevention AI system”

The demand for IoT / M2M systems aimed at improving defects and productivity has been increasing, mainly among stamping parts suppliers.

Especially, the removal of the two major problems of the progressive press, such as scraping and removal of two sheets, has become a major issue, and there is a strong demand from customers to reduce the cost of pressed parts and to reduce SPM (cycle time). In order to solve this problem, KMC has developed the “Slide-integrated high-sensitivity, high-durability sensor and predictive prevention AI system that achieve zero press molding defect” at the 2018 SAPOIN (Strategic Basic Technology Advancement Business). For commercialization, high sensitivity and high durability semiconductor sensor (measurement range 500μSt) and M2M system: Σ Gunshi(multi-sensor compatible real-time data logger) and IoT: M-Karte (factory 4M information management system) started to be sold as an IoT / M2M system.

As a joint development system for commercialization, a high-precision press monitor “PLM01” using a piezo sensor has been developed, and En-Industries Co., Ltd. (President, Eiji Yamada), who has a sales record to precision press manufacturers and Yamaguchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director Takashi Yamaguchi) were in charge of the practical application test on the press machine.

In the past, two or four sensors were mainly mounted on the press mold. However, sensors are required for each mold, and it is difficult to arrange sensors individually. Moreover, it was difficult to obtain much information from inside the mold, including the problem of wiring in the press mold and the high system price. The new system is equipped with a sensor plate between the mold and the press, and by installing 16 high-sensitivity semiconductor sensors in the plate, it can monitor the damage of a single punch pin and this system individually monitor the load changes at 16 points when removing two sheets and slug floating occurred and imaging the load change on a simulation screen. It has the function of an AI system that monitors the signs of press defects from load change data. (Patent pending) (1) A system that does not depend on the press machine or the mold is a special feature. Once it is set on the press machine, it can correspond to each mold.

The sales price is planned to be 6.5 million yen/set, with sample shipments this year and full-scale sales starting next year expected to be 200 million yen. In addition to this surface load sensing system, we have entered into a mutual sales agreement for a product group that combines KMC’s M-Karte, ΣGUnshi, QR nameplate, En Industries’s piezo sensor, and PLM. The major feature of the IoT / M2M system is to develop one-stop services including manufacturing know-how at press sites by collaborating with En industry which has press know-how and precision press monitoring and also KMC’s alliance, which has many sales records.

June 27, 2019, KMC Inc President and CEO Yukiyoshi Sato