IoT Products/Services

Accumulate and inherit the knowledge and know-how from on- site on the cloud service

Our M-Karte series of IoT products, which are used in mold manufacturing factories, production plants and maintenance plant for efficient development and designing while accumulating and inheriting the knowledge of skilled technicians. We prepare packages that can be flexibly used for small and medium to large companies.


The M-Karte series is the Japanese version of IoT system which is introduced at the site of the mold industry, production industry, and maintenance industry. It can be used to manage individuals and things such as molds, production machines, workers and others with QR code. It allows real-time tracking of defects by voice, images, and movies, hence enabling complete traceability of the production site.

Furthermore, in cooperation with the M2M system which collects the various data from production machine and sensors, it can centrally manage information related to manufacturing. By accumulating all the information in a database, we provide information to the production site to prevent defects, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

We prepare two types of packages, “P package” for SMEs that can be used in part machining / factory units, and “A package” for large enterprises that can be used in assembly plants and companies as a whole. By flexibly combining over 100 functional modules, we can respond flexibly to any kind of factories.

Features of M-Karte Series

• Event: Easily record defects of molds and products with tablets and smartphones.

• Form:Automatically creates a defect report and creates it as a database.

• Maintenance:We record the maintenance history of molds, production equipment, tools, accuracy records, production information etc.

• Quality:We realize automation of measurement tables and quality statistical processing by interlocking with digital measuring instruments.

• Analysis:It is possible to analyze the history of molds,  production defects, and parts defects. You can also accumulate know-how on countermeasures.

• Statistics:Mapping the relationship between production shot count and defect · maintenance timing. Visualize defect elements.

• Inventory:Manage the location and disposal of molds, tools, equipment, and inspection tools in a centralized manner, automating inventory and automating asset management.

 KMC Solutions is also providing contract development of software and hardware. Please contact us for more details.

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Company Name KMC Inc.(Head Office
President and CEO Dr. Seiki Sato
Foundation 2010 February 24th
Capital 27 million yen
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Business profile Consulting, Research and Development,Software Development

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Company NameKMC Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia Branch)
President and CEODr. Seiki Sato
DirectorMr. Sim Keng Lee
Foundation2017 August 25th
CapitalMYR 400,000
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Tanjong Minyak Perdana,75260 Melaka, Malaysia
Business profileIoT/M2M Sales, IT Solutions