KMC Journal in Machine and Tools

In the October issue of “Machines and Tools” (published by Nippon Kogyo Publications), we contributed a technical paper entitled “Development and Examples of Manufacturing DX Solutions for Improving Productivity in the Manufacturing Industry”. Some large companies have begun efforts to convert manufacturing sites to DX, but the reason is that the effects are unclear at […]

KMC Journal in Press Technology

We contributed a technical paper entitled “Introduction of DX for Reduction of Metal Press Defects-Development and Achievements of Press Sensing” in the October issue of “Press Technology” (published by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun). Japan’s manufacturing industry is said to be in a period of great change once every 100 years. At the manufacturing site, we are […]

Plastic Age November Issue Application examples and results for the mold management cloud service and QR plate for mold identification features

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) have been examining legislation regarding the issue of mold disposal, as a “bullying of SME” with a view to “not paying the mold storage fee and preventing mold disposal.” “In the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper on October 18, the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry finally issued guidelines […]

Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper 7th August, En Industries and KMC announce technology/sales cooperation and press AI sensor

New product “Press slide integrated high sensitivity, high durability sensor, and predictive prevention AI system” The demand for IoT / M2M systems aimed at improving defects and productivity has been increasing, mainly among stamping parts suppliers. Especially, the removal of the two major problems of the progressive press, such as scraping and removal of two […]

Published in the August issue of Plastic Age [Injection molding manufacturing data collection, monitoring, analysis by Compact M2M IoT“ Σ Gunshi e ”]

“Recently, there are many requests such as to reduce defects in the injection molding companies, to monitor production data during molding in order to catch abnormalities immediately and to stop production in order to check. There are also request to investigate the cause and analyze it to prevent recurrence and if it is possible to […]

Nikkan Kougyo Newspaper 10th July “Mold information cloud management” Private service introduction support

“KMC’s “Mold Management Cloud Service” and “QR plate” were featured on the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper on July 10th. With the support of Kawasaki City, examples of introducing plastic injection have been introduced to the molding companies in the city such as Toho Platech and Matsumoto Manufacturing. “ Initiatives for mold management in the “Seko Plan” […]